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Ozone Generator

ozone generator Water-RightWater-Right® led the way in pioneering the chlorine generator, but we’re always looking into different options for solving water problems.

That’s why we developed our own Ozone Generator.

Ozone (O3) is nothing more than three oxygen atoms bound together. Yet, it is also one of the most powerful natural sterilants on the planet.

When ozone molecules come in contact with bacteria in a filtration system, the third oxygen atom attaches itself to the bacteria and continues to attack them until they are depleted. The only byproduct ozone leaves behind is pure oxygen (O2).

We developed our Ozone Generator to be easily implemented into many of Water-Right’s existing air filtration systems. The generator is powered directly from the the control valve for installation that’s as simple as plug-and-play. Just connect the kit to the back of the valve and program the board to turn it on.

This water treatment innovation is available to our WaterCare® and Evolve® dealer network as well as on our Impression® line of products.


How Ozone Works

We created our Ozone Generator to be simple and effective. It uses air to provide the oxygen supply which is then transformed into ozone through an electrical charge. The ozone is drawn into the water system’s filter tank where it cleans the system.

After doing its job, the ozone dissipates within 30 minutes, leaving no unnatural byproduct behind. This ensures that it is both safe and is environmentally friendly.

The graphic below illustrates the science behind ozone disinfection.

Water-Right ozone technology

Want to Become a Dealer?

If you’re interested in joining our dealer program, or want to learn more about our Ozone Generator kits, use the contact form on this page to request information.