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Our Brands

Water-Right® is proud to offer multiple brands, each with its own way to excel water treatment. This complete line of innovative products includes high-tech electronics for convenient, comprehensive, and smart systems.

Three affiliated companies also advance the quest for superior water treatment: Mineral-Right®, Clean Water Testing, and Water-Right Services.

Our made-in-the-USA products clearly show how Water-Right leads the way with water treatment expertise. Click here to view our Certificate of Quality.





Patented self-chlorinating technology and advanced electronics. Sanitizer Plus systems use exclusive Crystal-Right media, feature an easy-to-read control valve, and produce their own chlorine.


Simple-to-operate, advanced technology minimizes salt and water use. Impression Series systems conserve water supply, preserve system components, and produce clear, soft, and odor-free water, whether the source is municipal or well.


Expertly designed systems for today’s commercial and industrial water treatment applications. CustomCare offers revolutionary commercial solutions, technical support, and dealer training that provides a commanding advantage.



Professional dealers have trusted this brand for over 50 years to make life better for families. WaterCare makes water more efficient for homes, gives appliances longer life cycles, and saves money.


Our newest professional dealer brand meets today’s demanding home water treatment needs. Evolve systems give homeowners the highest levels of performance and versatility while being gentle on a home’s plumbing and fixtures.







Mineral-Right is the world’s only manufacturer of sodium aluminosilicate zeolite, Crystal-Right, which filters better and faster without loss of media, while softening at the same time.


State-certified, independent water laboratory providing detailed reports on water quality. Clean Water Testing provides complete water testing services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, from a well water bacteria to soil contamination testing.


A retail division located in Appleton, Wisconsin that sells the Evolve and CustomCare brands as part of our Clean Water Center. This company gives Water-Right Group valuable first-hand knowledge and experience in the retail environment.