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crystal-right-media-300x240Many of our customers serve people in rural areas. That includes the Clear Choice Water Group dealer network as well as plumbers and well drillers all over the country who work to fix problem well water.

In 1986, Water-Right made a key decision to invest in our customers’ needs and began manufacturing zeolite, the most effective media for treating water from private wells.

Crystal-Right™ is a man-made zeolite that our sister company, Mineral-Right, produces under the sunny skies of Kansas. Today, we are the only manufacturer of synthetic zeolite for water treatment in the world.

Crystal-Right is the ideal media for well water because it can address multiple issues all at once …

  • Removes manganese and iron
  • Softens water
  • Balances pH levels
  • Reduces ammonia

This means Crystal-Right can do the job of multiple pieces of equipment. Systems using Crystal-Right media can function like an iron filter, a water softener, and an acid neutralizer. It almost seems too good to be true … but that’s what makes Crystal-Right unique.

Mineral-Right produces two types of Crystal-Right:

  • CR100 – High capacity for reducing iron and manganese. Has a lower capacity for reducing hardness. Also, able to balance pH levels of water.
  • CR200 – High capacity for reducing iron and manganese. Has a comparatively higher capacity for reducing hardness from calcium and magnesium.

The potential for using Crystal-Right to treat municipal water is growing. That’s because many cities are disinfecting water with chloramines (chlorine and ammonia). While carbon filtration can reduce chlorine content, it does not filter ammonia. However, when Crystal-Right media and carbon filtration work together, we can remove both chlorine and ammonia from city water.

Yet another benefit of Crystal-Right is that it can be sanitized during the backwash cycle of regeneration using chlorine. Chlorine will not damage the media. This allows us to use our patented Chlorine Generator along with Crystal-Right units.

Products Using Crystal-Right:

Going Beyond Residential Water Treatment

Crystal-Right’s unique features have opened the door to many other uses and promising possibilities.

It is already being used in the airline industry to desalinate water in emergency situations. It can reduce odors and remove pollutants from the air. There are even clinical trials underway examining how zeolite could be used to promote human health through detoxification.

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Water-Right is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this groundbreaking product, and we are excited about the future of Crystal-Right and all its applications.

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