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Wripli™ WiFi Water Treatment System Technology

Wripli™ is technology developed by Water-Right to wirelessly relay information from select models of WaterCare and Evolve series softeners and conditioners. It features comprehensive dealer and homeowner mobile apps as well as an online portal ( to view information.

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Chlorine Generator

Patented technology that produces chlorine to kill and remove unwanted iron, manganese, and the sulfur bacteria that produces foul smells and “slime” inside fixtures and toilet tanks. When combined with our intelligent control valve and Crystal-Right media, the performance is unmatched in the water treatment industry.

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Crystal-Right™ Media

A custom-engineered zeolite manufactured by our sister company, Mineral-Right®, outperforms conventional medias, removing hardness, iron, and manganese, balancing pH levels of acidic water, and reducing ammonia … all in one pass. Incredibly, these custom-engineered crystals are also used in the petroleum industry, airline industry, and are being tested in the medical field, too!

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Whole-Home Certified Reduction Filter

Enjoy peace of mind with our certified ONE™ Contaminant Reduction Technology cartridge that is designed to reduce a multitude of particulates including lead and man-made chemical contaminants, like PFOA, PFOS (or per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances). The combination of a specialized ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System paired with the advanced technology of one of our softeners (PID-Performance Indication Device) is the perfect solution for some of the most difficult contaminants.

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Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.)

Because water is a precious resource, we are constantly looking for ways to use technology to conserve it. W.E.T. allows a water softener to use only the amount of water and salt it needs to clean itself and nothing more. This unique feature and patented process is good for the environment, it’s cutting edge, and it’s exclusively offered on our professional dealer brands.

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Inch Worm

Inch Worm is a programming enhancement in all of our sulfur and iron air backwashing filters. This new, adjustable cycle allows the control valve to slowly “inch” its way into backwash, allowing air to escape slowly instead of one “rush.” This slow release of air virtually eliminates the thrashing of drain lines or noisy discharge of air to the drain when the valve first advances to backwash.

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Ozone Generator

Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant. An Ozone Generator, when used for home water purification, disinfects the media bed and destroys bacteria in filtration systems. This solves many water challenges including strong odor, slimes, and bad taste and color. Ozone is the safest disinfectant available. It dissipates in less than 30 minutes, leaving nothing but pure, dissolved oxygen. In the end, you get refreshing water that’s free of contaminants and tastes better than ever.

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