Chlorine Generator

A Flexible Solution For Cleaning Water Treatment Systems

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While we are a company that prides itself in a variety of innovations, the chlorine generator was a game-changing development for which Water-Right® has become well-known.

We’ve perfected this innovation, making our device a convenient way to keep water treatment and filtration systems clean by eliminating problematic substances like iron, manganese, and sulfur bacteria.

After producing the first working version at Water-Right in the early ‘90s, we introduced the chlorine generator to the world along with our groundbreaking Sanitizer Series® in 1998.

The chlorine generator is ideal for use on systems treating well water with our exclusive zeolite media, Crystal-Right™. However, it is also extremely flexible, allowing adjustments that make it beneficial for cleaning other media types in both water softeners and filters.

How the Chlorine Generator Works

The Water-Right chlorine generator conveniently creates chlorine directly from the salt in a system’s brine solution.

During the brine draw cycle, a pair of electric probes are turned on, which convert the chlorides in the salt (NaCl) into chlorine. After destroying contaminants and stopping bacterial growth in the media, the chlorine then dissolves back into the brine solution.

The amount of chlorine the device produces can be adjusted to fit the needs of the system. This is easily accomplished by increasing or reducing power (amperage) to the electric probes. More power generates more chlorine and less power generates a smaller amount.

End users and installers do not need to worry about adjusting amperage on the device. Everything is preset during factory assembly based on the specifications of the unit on which it will be used.

The Salt Monitor and Alarm Features

Making our patented chlorine generator even more versatile is the fact that it can be used for an entirely different purpose.

Water-Right designed the device so it also acts as a salt monitor, which includes an alarm that alerts the user with audible and visual cues when salt needs to be added to the brine tank.

The same two probes that generate electricity for chlorine generation can detect the level of salt in the brine solution by measuring its conductivity.

Depending on the system, this water treatment innovation can be used as a salt monitor alone or both a salt monitor and chlorine generator.

For example, in our Sanitizer Series®, EV1 and EV2 models from Evolve®, and the CareSoft Elite® from WaterCare®, it provides both functionalities. For the EVS series and CareSoft Pro®, the device is specifically used as a salt monitor.

Bottom line … Water-Right’s chlorine generator gives customers a cleaner system and the convenience of knowing when to add salt so that water treatment systems always perform at their best!