Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.)

Residential Water Treatment Technology that Saves Water, Energy, and Money

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Water Efficient Technology savingsAt Water-Right®, we not only work hard to find better ways to create the “right water for life,” we also believe it’s extremely important to protect this precious natural resource.

Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) is a series of unique advancements we’ve developed to help make water softeners more sustainable and cost-effective.

Modern water softeners have become more efficient over time but many still cause waste, especially when it comes to the regeneration sequence. They often use more than enough water and salt to do the job, which means excess waste is created.

W.E.T. is the answer to this problem!

W.E.T. is a collection of innovative features that when combined provides big savings to homeowners:

  • Save salt & water – system only uses what it needs during regeneration
  • Save money – on utility bills and the cost of purchasing salt.
  • Save the planet – by reducing waste with a more efficient water softening system.

Whether you have customers who believe in going green or want to save some green, our W.E.T. features will impress. It even includes the ability to monitor salt usage and view overall water and salt savings. So, homeowners will know how much they have saved!

W.E.T. is currently available on WaterCare® and Evolve® systems. In many cases, it simply needs to be turned on to start the savings.

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How Water Efficient Technology Works

Water softener savings from WET

When a water softener is equipped with W.E.T., it becomes a smarter piece of equipment.

This innovative technology learns a home’s water usage by analyzing historical data in order to optimize the amount of water and salt used to recharge a unit during regeneration.

The latest version of W.E.T. includes an update to help avoid “hard water leakage,” which is common in high efficiency systems. It is a result of proportional brining and continuous reduced salting. Hard water may start coming through when a home uses more water than normal.

We’ve developed a patented alternate regeneration feature to run a full regeneration sequence, when triggered by the system to eliminate the issue of hard water leakage.

Alternate regeneration ensures the water softener recharges to full capacity. That means your customers will always have the soft water they want.

Watch a Video on W.E.T.

Although Evolve is the brand represented in the above animation,
WET is available for both Evolve and WaterCare products.