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Water-Right® is proud to offer multiple brands, each with its own way to excel water treatment. This complete line of innovative products includes high-tech electronics for convenient, comprehensive, and smart systems.
Three affiliated companies also advance the quest for superior water treatment: Mineral-Right®, Clean Water Testing®, and Water-Right Services®.
Our made-in-the-USA products clearly show how Water-Right leads the way with water treatment expertise. Click here to view our Certificate of Quality.

Our Brands

sanitizer plus

Sanitizer Plus®

Featuring our patented self-chlorinating technology, our Sanitizer Plus product is the ideal solution for problem well water with its unique Crystal-Right media. This line is sold through our wholesale distribution channel by partnering with supply houses that support local contractors, plumbing trades companies, and other service-based businesses across the country.

Impression Plus

Impression Plus®

A complete line of advanced water softeners, whole-home filtration options, and Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems. The Impression series models have a solution to almost any water issue. Easy to operate and service, our advanced technology brings high efficiency technology to the water world. Our Impression products are distributed via our network of wholesalers that partner with local contractors, plumbing trades companies, and other service-based businesses across the country.



WaterCare branded products encompass a complete line of water softeners, water filtration, and Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems, including water conditioners equipped with our patented multi-purpose Crystal-Right media. These systems feature all of our most innovative features and are only sold through a select group of authorized water treatment professionals.



Our Evolve line features our full catalog of water softening, water filtration, and Reverse Osmosis models, including the patented multi-purpose Crystal-Right media. The products include the most advanced technology we have available and are sold through a select group of trusted dealers.

Woman in a white shirt cleaning a cup in the sink

A. O. Smith®

Specialized Water Solutions

Our A. O. Smith Specialized Water Solutions program will connect you with the local, authorized water treatment dealer in your area to provide a no-obligation water consultation and water test. Our experts recommend the exact solution to treat your water from an advanced line of products not available in stores.



All of our residential brands have access to the commercial and industrial solutions available in the CustomCare product line. The large capacity, high volume needs of restaurants, healthcare, hotels, laundry facilities, and other large businesses are easy with these advanced water treatment systems. As easy to service and maintain as their residential counterpart, our CustomCare line brings water treatment to a whole new level.

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Affiliate Companies

A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith®

In 2019, Water-Right and all of our owned companies were acquired by Milwaukee-based A. O. Smith Corporation, best known for their water heaters and boilers. Our addition helps grow their North American Water Treatment division. Founded on similar family principals with like-minded goals for integrity and innovation, A. O. Smith was the perfect parent company for the Water-Right team. We continue to operate independently with our vast selection of elite products sold a network of authorized branded dealers and to contractors through whole distribution.



Mineral-Right is the world’s only manufacturer of sodium aluminosilicate zeolite, Crystal-Right, which filters better and faster without loss of media, while softening at the same time.

Clean Water Testing

Clean Water Testing®

State-certified, independent water laboratory providing detailed reports on water quality. Clean Water Testing provides complete water testing services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, from a well water bacteria to soil contamination testing.

Water-Right Services

Water-Right Services®

A retail division located in Appleton, Wisconsin that sells the Evolve and CustomCare brands as part of our Clean Water Center. This company gives Water-Right Group valuable first-hand knowledge and experience in the retail environment.

Hague Quality Water

Hague Quality Water®

As part of the A. O. Smith family, Water-Right Group is proud to offer support and partnership with our sister company: Hague Quality Water. Their unique valve design and efficient technology manufactured in Groveport, OH offers a solid product to the industry through a network of authorized dealers.