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Inch Worm ImagePatented Inch Worm technology is an enhancement added to select backwashing filters that gently releases air when the valve advances to backwash. In systems without Inch Worm, this transition can produce unwanted noise. It is similar to a balloon filled with air. If you let go all at once, the air exits immediately and uncontrollably, sending the balloon flying noisily across the room. But, if you gently release air, just a small amount at a time, the balloon stays in control and silently deflates.

The Evolution of Water Filtration

To really appreciate Inch Worm, it’s important to understand how water filtration has evolved throughout time. Homeowners commonly seek ways to filter out the troublesome trio: sulfur, iron, and manganese. Typically, these have been treated with a variety of toxic chemicals (chlorine, potassium permanganate, etc.). Not anymore.

New developments in oxidizing media (the filtering catalyst) now do the job using dissolved oxygen in the water. Air injection oxidizes sulfur, iron, and manganese precipitates (or solids) that can then be easily filtered and removed. Regeneration of these systems ultimately involves a large release of high-pressure, uncontrolled air rushing out of the tank, thrashing the drain line, and creating noise. That is why we invented and patented the Inch Worm technology.

Compared to chemical solutions, Water-Right’s air-injection filtering technology has specific advantages:

  • Removes sulfur and its rotten egg odors
  • Removes iron and its red staining of fixtures and appliances
  • Removes manganese and its annoying stains and off odors
  • Reduces turbidity
  • No chemicals = environmentally safe

How Inch Worm Works

During the water regeneration sequence of filtering, the valve goes through a series of small movements (“inching along”), which allows the captured dome of air to release slowly, predictably and, more importantly, harmlessly down the drain. This patented feature expels the pressurized excess air without the violence associated with other air systems.

Click to watch the step-by-step process of Inch Worm. As the water level creeps to the top, air is slowly (and silently) released.

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