Water needs often start in the home. That’s why we have developed a far-reaching, national network of independent dealers serving the residential market with products from our Evolve® and WaterCare® lines. These water-conditioning products provide homeowners with patented technology, unique methods, and home water purification systems that are exclusive to the Evolve and WaterCare brands. Plus, we are constantly improving those products with innovation and efficiency.

In addition to our independent dealer network, we are also proud to work with plumbers, water well-drillers, and private contractors who offer homeowners Sanitizer Series® and Impression Series® quality water treatment products.

We only work with the best. Whether you’re working with one of our knowledgeable dealers or a reputable service provider offering Water-Right products, you’ll know you’re working with trustworthy experts in the water-conditioning industry.


Water Well & Plumbing Trades

We partner with water well contractors, the plumbing trade, and other service-based businesses across the country, so they can offer their customers the most innovative water solutions in the industry: products from Water-Right.

This focus on convenience complements the in-depth training and education that we provide to water treatment service providers, well drillers, and plumbers. We want to make it easy for them to explain the benefits of our innovative products to homeowners. To learn more about obtaining Water-Right products through convenient, wholesale distribution locations nationwide, please visit the Water-Right products website.


Independent Dealers

When you take pride in the products you manufacture, you only want to work with people you can trust. That’s why Water-Right maintains a select group of dealers who are highly-respected in the water treatment business.

Independent Water-Right dealers bring our Evolve® and WaterCare® lines into the homes of people who want better water for their families. We make sure our retail partners have the resources and support they need to help their businesses flourish. That includes providing them with value-added tools, like marketing materials and education on industry advancements. It’s an ongoing relationship where small business owners get to offer our American-made products.

Are you a homeowner looking for a water conditioning solution? Visit our Evolve or WaterCare websites to find a dealer near you today.

Interested in becoming a dealer? Click here to learn more.


Commercial and Industrial

Our CustomCare® branded systems are made for commercial and industrial water treatment applications. This branch of our company strengthens our position as a world leader in quality water treatment systems and services.

CustomCare® provides advanced and innovative solutions that commercial and industrial customers can rely on when they need water treatment solutions. That includes a broad portfolio of energy-efficient water softening, filtration, and membrane systems.

CustomCare® serves the professional retail dealer, contractor trades, and engineers in an array of markets: education, healthcare, government, industrial/manufacturing, lodging, retail, food and restaurant, automotive and commercial laundry wash, c-store, and residential and commercial real estate.


Water Analytical Services

When homeowners and businesses have water quality concerns, they can turn to services provided by Water-Right’s Clean Water Testing, LLC™. This state-certified lab has specialized in water testing since 1985.

Clean Water Testing gives complete water analytical services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. From a basic analysis to detect the presence of non-harmful contaminants (hardness, iron, manganese) to a broad spectrum analysis to determine the presence of various inorganics (lead, copper, arsenic, etc), coliform, E-coli bacteria, and a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOC), we’ll determine the quality of your water supply.

Over the years, we’ve remained committed to sharing what we learn, as well as our groundbreaking methods, with industries across the globe. Clean Water Testing considers its greatest strength to be the fact we are able to provide independent laboratories with training, supplies, and assistance with specialty water testing for nitrate, arsenic, lead, and copper.