Water-Right Group, a division of A. O. Smith’s North American Water Treatment, has a long history of providing innovation to our industry and is proud to hold the following patents across our family of brands.




This webpage is intended to serve as notice of patent coverage under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).  This list might not be all-inclusive, and other products not listed here may be covered by one or more patents.  Additional patent applications may be pending, and additional patents may have issued, in the United States or elsewhere, that cover one or more of the products listed.

*Models listed below reflect the standard configurations in the catalog. Additional special order sizes may be available that are not listed here that utilize the same patented functions of the base model.


Impression® Models: IM-1044, IM-1054, IM-1248, IM-1354, IM-844, IM-948, IMC-1035, IMC-835, IMRC-1054, IMRC-1354, IMRF-1054, IMRF-1354, IMAIR-1054, IMAIR-1248, IMAIR-1354, IMFE-1054, IMFE-1248, IMFE-1354, IAG-1054, IAG-1248, IAG-1354, IACG-1054AN, IACG-1248AN, IACG-1354AN, IMS-1054, IMS-1248, IMS-1354, IMBF-1044AN, IMBF-1054AN, IMBF-1354AN, IMBF-1044, IMBF-1054, IMBF-1354, IMT-1044, IMT-1054, IMT-1354, IMT1-1044, IMT1-1054, IMT1-1354

Impression Plus® Models: IMP-1044, IMP-1054, IMP-1248, IMP-1354, IMP-844, IMP-948, IMPC-1035, IMPC-835, IMP-1465A, IMP-1665A, IMP-1044TW, IMP-1054TW, IMP-1248TW, IMP-1354TW, IMP-844TW, IMP-948TW, IMPRC-1054, IMPRC-1354, IMPRF-1054, IMPRF-1354, IMPAIR-1054, IMPAIR-1248, IMPAIR-1354, IMPFE-1054, IMPFE-1248, IMPFE-1354, IPAG-1054, IPAG-1248, IPAG-1354, IPACG-1054AN, IPACG-1248AN, IPACG-1354AN, IMPS-1054, IMPS-1248, IMPS-1354, IMPBF-1044AN, IMPBF-1054AN, IMPBF-1354AN, IMPBF-1044, IMPBF-1054, IMPBF-1354, IMPT-1044, IMPT-1054, IMPT-1354, IMPT1-1044, IMPT1-1054, IMPT1-1354

Evolve Series® Models: ES-1044, ES-1054, ES-1248, ES-1354, ES-844, ES-948, EVRS-1044, EVRS-1054, EVRS-1248, EVRS-1354, EVRS-844, EVRS-948, EVCS-1035, EVCS-835, EVRS-1465A, EVRS-1665A, EVRS-1044TW, EVRS-1054TW, EVRS-1248TW, EVRS-1354TW, EVRS-844TW, EVRS-948TW, EVRCS-1054, EVRCS-1354, EVRFS-1054, EVRFS-1354, EVAIR-1054, EVAIR-1248, EVAIR-1354, EVFE-1054, EVFE-1248, EVFE-1354, EAG-1054, EAG-1248, EAG-1354, EACG-1054AN, EACG-1248AN, EACG-1354AN, EVS-1054, EVS-1248, EVS-1354, EVBF-1044AN, EVBF-1054AN, EVBF-1354AN, EVBF-1044, EVBF-1054, EVBF-1354, EVT-1044, EVT-1054, EVT-1354, EVT1-1044, EVT1-1054, EVT1-1354

WaterCare Series® Models: UCS-1044, UCS-1054, UCS-1354, UCS-844, UCS-948, UCS-1248, CSP-1044, CSP-1054, CSP-1248, CSP-1354, CSP-844, CSP-948, CSPC-1035, CSPC-835, CSP-1465A, CSP-1665A, CSP-1044TW, CSP-1054TW, CSP-1248TW, CSP-1354TW, CSP-844TW, CSP-948TW, CSPRC-1054, CSPRC-1354, CSPRF-1054, CSPRF-1354, IPAIR-1054, IPAIR-1248, IPAIR-1354, IPFE-1054, IPFE-1248, IPFE-1354, IPG-1054, IPG-1248, IPG-1354, IPCG-1054AN, IPCG-1248AN, IPCG-1354AN, IPHS-1054, IPHS-1248, IPHS-1354, CCP-1044AN, CCP-1054AN, CCP-1354AN, CCP-1044, CCP-1054, CCP-1354, CSPT-1044, CSPT-1054, CSPT-1354, CSPT1-1044, CSPT1-1054, CSPT1-1354

A. O. Smith® Specialized Water Solutions Models: AOS-1044, AOS-1054, AOS-1248, AOS-1354, AOS-844, AOS-948, AOP-1044, AOP-1054, AOP-1248, AOP-1354, AOP-844, AOP-948, AOPC-1035, AOP-835, AOP-1465A, AOP-1665A, AOP-1044TW, AOP-1054TW, AOP-1248TW, AOP-1354TW, AOP-844TW, AOP-948TW, AOPRC-1054, AOPRC-1354, AOPRF-1054, AOPRF-1354, AOA-1054, AOA-1248, AOA-1354, AOBF-1044AN, AOBF-1054AN, AOBF-1354AN, AOBF-1044, AOBF-1054, AOBF-1354, AOT-1044, AOT-1054, AOT-1354, AOT1-1044, AOT1-1054, AOT1-1354

Private Label Partnership Models: PWS-1044, PWS-1054, PWS-1248, PWS-1354, PWS-844, PWS-948, PWSCAB-1035, PWSCAB-835, PWSC-1054, PWSC-1354, PWSF-1054, PWSF-1354, PWA-1054, PWA-1248, PWA-1354, PWBF-1044AN, PWBF-1054AN, PWBF-1354AN, PWBF-1044, PWBF-1054, PWBF-1354, PWT-1044, PWT-1054, PWT-1354, PWT1-1044, PWT1-1054, PWT1-1354, PWSP-1044, PWSP-1054, PWSP-1248, PWSP-1354, PWSP-844, PWSP-948, PWPCAB-1035, PWPCAB-835, PWSP-1465A, PWSP-1665A, PWSP-1044TW, PWSP-1054TW, PWSP-1248TW, PWSP-1354TW, PWSP-844TW, PWSP-948TW, PWSCP-1054, PWSCP-1354
PWSFP-1054, PWSFP-1354, PWAP-1054, PWAP-1248, PWAP-1354, PWBFP-1044AN, PWBFP-1054AN, PWBFP-1354AN, PWTP-1044, PWTP-1054, PWTP-1354, PWTP1-1044, PWTP1-1054, PWTP1-1354, PSS-1044, PSS-1054, PSS-1248, PSS-1354, PSS-844, PSS-948, PS-1044, PS-1054, PS-1248, PS-1354, PS-844, PS-948, PSC-1035, PSC-835, PS-1465A, PS-1665A, PS-1044TW, PS-1054TW, PS-1248TW, PS-1354TW, PS-844TW, PS-948TW, PRC-1054, PRC-1354, PRF-1054, PRF-1354, PA-1054, PA-1248, PA-1354, PBF-1044AN, PBF-1054AN, PBF-1354AN

CustomCare® Models: C40 Series, C43 Series, C47 Series, C53 Series, C53A Series, C63 Series

US Patent No. 7,488,424
US Patent No. 7,563,361
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