March 04 2016

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Water-Right Announces Newly Designed ONE ™ Cartridge Tank Filter Providing Easy Installation, Interchangeability, and an Improved Drain

(Appleton, Wis.) Water-Right, Inc., a leading manufacturer in the water treatment industry, continues to provide ongoing innovation with the announcement of an updated design to the cartridge in its popular ONE™ Cartridge Tank filter systems.

Water-Right plans to showcase the newly designed ONE™ Cartridge Tank filter system during the WQA Convention & Expo this March in Nashville, TN. Look for the display at Booth #1013 on the convention floor. Water-Right representatives will be available to answer questions and discuss the new design. Photos of the new cartridge and a comparison to the original are embedded and attached.

Water-Right built this proprietary cartridge for the EF-835-1 Cartridge tank, a product intended for use in residential and light commercial water filtration applications. Ideal for most water conditions where pre or post-filtration for particulates is needed, these cartridges are specially designed for higher flow rates and higher contamination retention capacities. Plus, the new design secures recurring service aspects.

“We’re committed to continuously looking for ways to make our products better,” says Water-Right President Kurt Gruett. “This new cartridge design will certainly benefit any water treatment professional working with our company as well as the people they ultimately serve.”

The EF-835-1’s new ONE™ Cartridge Tank filter is interchangeable with any existing ONE™ Cartridge product from Water-Right. No add-on components or system modifications are required for use of the updated cartridge design. Notable updates include a new bottom drain featuring an exclusive swivel design for perfect alignment and fit, adding to the already simple installation process. The top-mount valve including bypass means it’s designed for easy installation.

Water-Right first introduced ONE™ Cartridge Tank filter systems in 2012. These unique systems can replace smaller cartridge filters, and are an effective solution for removing a multitude of particles from a customer’s water supply. The systems are ideal for most water conditions where pre or post-filtration is necessary.  It is available with a wide variety of cartridge types. The larger cartridges offer excellent filtration, improved retention, and greatly extend replacement cycle times.

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About Water-Right, Inc.:

Water-Right has been manufacturing water treatment systems for residential and commercial applications since 1963. They support a factory-trained, nationwide network of water treatment professionals, wholesalers, and distributors, including a growing international market. Water-Right is proud to manufacture all its products in the United States. Visit for more.

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