July 09 2019

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Water-Right® Announces New ONE™ Filter System Designed to Tackle Harmful Contaminants

APPLETON, Wis. – Water-Right®, a leading independent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the water treatment industry, is proud to announce its latest product offering ONE™, a cartridge tank filter system specifically designed to reduce contaminants while maintaining high flow rates. Perfect for residential and light-commercial applications, the large capacity is certified for the removal of several contaminants including lead, PFOA/PFOS and cyst reduction.

one water filtration

“Water quality and eliminating emerging contaminants is top of mind for today’s consumers,” said Kurt Gruett, president of Water-Right®, Inc. “The ONE™ cartridge filter was designed to help give people peace of mind their water is safe for consumption.”

ONE™ carbon block filters have a certified capacity up to 50,000 gallons on lead, PFOA/PFOS chemicals and cyst reduction. The innovative filter is considerably larger than the average in-home system and is specifically designed for higher flow rates, higher contaminant retention capacities and extended replacement frequency. The cartridge features easy access and requires no special tools for service and replacement.

“Water-Right has a unique top and bottom cap to our filter cartridges for easier maintenance and installation,” Gruett explained.  

The cartridge’s exclusive “stand off” leg allows debris to clear from the filter and tank through a bottom drain, further extending the product’s lifecycle.

“In addition, we have been approved for our own WQA certification when paired with a WaterCare® or Evolve® system enabled with a service alarm Performance Indication Device (PID), the ONE™ carbon block filter is certified up to 100,000 gallons of use,” Gruett said.   

The ONE™ filter system is currently available for purchase through Water-Right’s complete product lines. For additional information, contact a Water-Right regional sales manager, call Water-Right at 800-777-1426 or visit


About Water-Right, Inc.

Water-Right® has been manufacturing water treatment systems for residential and commercial applications since 1963. They support a factory-trained, nationwide network of water treatment professionals, wholesalers, and distributors, including a growing international market. Water-Right® is proud to manufacture all its products in the United States. Visit for additional information.

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