May 26 2016

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Water-Right Group Announces Advancements to Latest Innovation W.E.T.

APPLETON, Wis. – The Water-Right Group, Inc. is proud to announce advancements in Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.), the company’s latest innovation in water treatment. The ground-breaking, patented technology reduces the amount of water and salt that systems require for regeneration, conserving household water usage and ultimately saving the end consumer money.

Traditional Technology vs. W.E.T.

Water-Right Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) savings diagram.

W.E.T. was initially released last year exclusively for the company’s WaterCare and Evolve products. Each unit comes equipped with the patented proportional regeneration, alternate regeneration, salt monitoring, its salt and water usage history screens and the proportional brining features built into the programming. Some of these features may be used independently or in conjunction with one another.

“Water is a precious resource and deserves to be handled with respect and care,” said Kurt
Gruett, President of The Water-Right Group. “W.E.T. is the greenest water conditioning system available in the industry today and by helping our consumers conserve water, we are helping protect the environment.”

The latest release of W.E.T. includes a feature to correct a common problem that occurs with many ultra high efficiency water softeners on the market. Coined by industry experts as “hard water leakage,” it happens as a result of proportional brining and continuous reduced salting with high efficiency water softeners.

Water-Right’s patented alternate regeneration feature eliminates hard water leakage through the use of a second regeneration sequence. This feature allows the unit to go through a second set of regeneration sequences with a predetermined amount of time in each cycle.  This feature is triggered by one of three events.  Independent of each other, the dealer can customize this feature based on the customer’s needs.

W.E.T. also includes two features to help consumers monitor salt usage and view their salt and water savings history.  The patented salt monitoring feature is a standard function on select Evolve and WaterCare products.  The patented salt and water savings history feature allows the consumer to see actual savings when PROPORTIONAL modes are set to REGEN or BOTH.

W.E.T. is currently available for WaterCare and Evolve products sold through the Clear Choice Water Group Dealer Network. For more information on W.E.T., The Clear Choice Water Group, Evolve or WaterCare brands visit The Water-Right Group website.

About Water-Right, Inc
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