September 30 2016

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Water-Right® Appointed National Distributor of Turbidex™


Water-Right® appointed as national distributor of Turbidex™.

APPLETON, Wis. — Water-Right®, Inc., a leading, family-owned independent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the water treatment industry, is proud to announce the addition of the natural zeolite mineral, Turbidex™, to Water-Right® Group product offerings.

Turbidex™ is a unique, hyper-filtration media that is ideal for use in a variety of commercial and industrial water treatment applications. Turbidex™ is made of aluminosilicate mineral, which provides outstanding filtration of suspended solids due to the high surface area of the granules.

Water-Right® distributes water treatment systems and filtration media through a worldwide network of OEM’s, Wholesalers, and Independent Dealers. In September, Water-Right started distributing Turbidex™ media in the United States.

“Our company has always strived to provide the absolute best in filtration media,” Water-Right® President Kurt Gruett said. “We’ve been offering custom-engineered Crystal-Right™ media for decades and the addition of Turbidex™ means we can offer two innovative media options depending on a customer’s needs.”

Turbidex™ is exceptionally efficient at filtration in the 3 to 5 micron range. This results in substantial cost savings due to the fact it reduces the need for additional downstream filtration. Unlike typical sand/multimedia, Turbidex™ provides physical and electrostatic adsorption along with ion exchange in addition to flocculation.

Other cost-efficient features of this natural media include higher flow rate, which leads to equipment savings, significant water savings from less frequent backwashing thanks to better loading capacity, and shipping/freight savings due to the fact it is as much as 70 percent lighter than other medias.

The most notable benefit is the incredible water clarity. Turbidex™ reduces turbidity down to less than 0.1 NTU. Additional benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Naturally inhibits bacterial growth
  • High capacity for ammonia removal
  • Ideal for reverse osmosis pre-treatment
  • Reduced chlorine feed, filter size, and need for cartridge changes
  • Energy savings
  • Cost competitive

A commercial or industrial water treatment system using this groundbreaking media ensures excellent water quality. Turbidex™ is perfect for use in agriculture and manufacturing, for pharmaceutical purposes, in food and beverage production, and many other applications.

About Water-Right®, Inc.:

Water-Right® has been manufacturing water treatment systems for residential and commercial applications since 1963. They support a factory-trained, nationwide network of water treatment professionals, wholesalers, and distributors, including a growing international market. Water-Right® is proud to manufacture all its products in the United States. Visit for additional information.

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