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4 Reasons a Drinking Water Filtration System Is Better Than Bottled Water

4 Reasons a Drinking Water Filtration System Is Better Than Bottled Water

When it comes to drinking water, people look for fresh, crisp water that doesn’t leave an aftertaste or have an odor, so they resort to buying bottled water. Today’s society demands excellence. People want high quality products without having to wait, without a high cost to their bank account, and without making a negative environmental impact. Although bottled water often provides the clean taste that people want, many people don’t realize that they can get that same quality of water — or even better — right from their tap and without the high financial and environmental costs.

As bottled water sales continue to increase, it is clear that people are unaware that some bottled water is just filtered tap water — the same tap water that they could get at home. While some bottled water may live up to the hype, most homeowners can achieve the same bottled water taste and quality with a home water system. Installing the right drinking water system for your home is a wise investment that will make a world of difference when it comes to the quality of your drinking water. Keep reading to learn the benefits of installing a drinking water filtration system.

1. Better Investment – Save Money!

Many people purchase bottled water because they do not like their tap water for one reason or another. No one wants to have to go out and buy water, but smart marketers have made bottled water so appealing that people are willing to shell out the extra money for it. After all, who wouldn’t want to drink water directly from a glacier?

It sounds delicious, but blind taste tests conclude that in most cases, people can’t even tell the difference between tap and bottled water! Clearly, bottled water is a profitable business, but it’s one that you won’t have to invest in if you have a home drinking water filtration system. Instead of spending money on bottled water, you can eliminate unnecessary costs and get the same, great-tasting water right out of your own faucet. By forgoing bottled water, you will save money in the long run with a drinking water filtration system.

With that said, you might be a homeowner who knows that their water just doesn’t taste as good as bottled water, or it might have an odor. There is an easy solution to that problem that is a better long-term investment: installing a drinking water filtration system. Bottled water is only good for that short term drink, but with proper maintenance, a water filtration system can last for a decade or longer. Imagine the cost of purchasing bottled water all of that time!

When you have a home water filtration system installed, you will enjoy drinking water from the tap because it will taste just like the expensive bottled water, and you won’t have the recurring cost of buying bottled water. By continuing to purchase bottled water, people are missing out on making a better investment.

2. Convenient Drinking Water Supply

When someone buys bottled water, whether in a five-gallon jug in a water cooler, an individual bottle, or a case of water, they only have the water that is available in that bottle or jug . Compare that to having a drinking water filtration system in your home. Realistically, you have an endless supply. Those with water filtration systems only have to turn on the tap if they’re thirsty. They can get great tasting water in whatever quantity they need, whenever they want it.

Not only is an individual “out” of water if they are only relying on bottled water, they have to either wait for their next delivery or drive to the store. If the store hasn’t received their shipment, an individual may have to travel to another store to find bottled water. While that isn’t the biggest inconvenience, when compared to simply walking over to the faucet in your own home and turning it on, going to the store just to quench your thirst suddenly becomes a much less attractive option.

3. You Can Trust It

Home water filtration systems provide safe, clean water by filtering out or removing contaminants, debris, and some are even certified to remove harmful water contaminants, like arsenic, that can be found in well water. When municipalities pipe water to homes, they are required by law to test the water, ensuring that it is safe to consume. While bottled water is marketed to be safe and of better quality, homes that have reverse osmosis or carbon water filtration systems will know that their water is safe. Unfortunately, some bottled water is just tap water unbeknownst to the consumer— they’re being duped into buying the very same water they could get from their tap.

A 2018 study conducted by a non-profit environmental consultant reported that the “FDA regulates bottled water as a food and cannot, by law, require laboratory testing or reporting of test results, even if violations of prescribed standards are found. Despite these findings, no changes have been made to FDA standards for bottled water.” While the consultants acknowledge that by and large bottled water is safe, its quality is less certain. Some brands of bottled water have even had to recall their products because of a contamination issue.

While we are not implying that bottled water is going to poison you, the reality is that bottled water is ultimately a marketing scheme. When you have a water filtration system, like a reverse osmosis system, you will have your water tested, and you will know exactly the quality of your water. Unfortunately, with bottled water, you won’t know if you’re paying those big dollars for glorified tap water or if it’s actually coming from a natural spring which can still contain unfiltered groundwater contaminants. You can unequivocally trust your own water source with a water filtration system.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Water is an abundant natural resource, but the empty bottles from plastic water bottles are negatively impacting our environment. Unfortunately, most plastic water bottles end up in the trash instead of being recycled. Conversely, water from the tap can be consumed with a reusable container that doesn’t need to be tossed or recycled.

The carbon footprint from bottled water is also significantly higher than that of tap water. Think about it: it takes energy to manufacture all of the plastic bottles, dispense the water into them and package it, to deliver it to the store, for you to go to the store and purchase it (or have it delivered), and for the discarded bottles to break down. All of this impacts our environment. Tap water does not have the additional carbon footprint that bottled water has, making it a more sustainable choice that is environmentally friendly.

Your initial purchase of a drinking water filter will last for year after year while producing countless gallons of water each year. The occasional filter cartridge replacements need to be made one or twice per year, depending on your water quality. This will ensure that your water quality stays high for the entire life of your product. While this still requires a small amount of ongoing purchases, it is significantly less waste than tossing multiple water bottles on a daily basis.

Enjoy The Benefits of a Drinking Water Filtration System

Ultimately, installing a drinking water filtration system for your home can not only provide you with the benefits of having fresh clean water, but is a better economical and environmental choice than bottled water. In choosing filtered tap water, you are making the choice that saves you money, gives you high quality drinking water you can trust— when and where you want it, and all without negatively impacting the environment.

Each home has different water filtration needs depending on their water source and the quality of water in their area. Regardless of whether your home’s water comes from a private well or from your municipality, some common drinking water filtration systems include reverse osmosis systems and carbon water filtration. These are two types of the many water filtration options that can be installed in your home. If you’d like help finding out which system is best for your home, our nationwide network of authorized water experts would be happy to review all of the water filtration systems in a free in-home consultation. They will also test your water and answer any questions you may have regarding the water in your home. Contact us today to get started with the local expert in your area!

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