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How to Save Money & Water with Soft vs. Hard Water | Less Soap and Cleaner Home with a Water Softener

How to Save Money & Water with Soft vs. Hard Water | Less Soap and Cleaner Home with a Water Softener

There are many benefits to using a water softener in your home. But, did you know that installing a water softener could also help you save money on your household bills? In addition to reducing your energy bills you’ll spend less money on cleaning products and prolong the life of your appliances. Let’s take a close look at ways you can save money with a water softener in your home.

The Effects of Soft Water on Laundry

Washing clothes in soft water is more cost effective than washing them in hard water, according to a study carried out on behalf of the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF). This study tested the ability of washing machines to remove nine different stains, including blood, red wine, chocolate ice cream, and barbecue sauce. In every case, clothes washed in soft water needed less detergent and a lower washing temperature to successfully remove the stain. The average household spends 18 percent of total energy costs on heating water, which means that washing clothes at a cooler temperature results in savings.

Why You Should Wash Dishes in Soft Water

Soft water is better at cleaning dishes; with this, you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing stubborn food residue from plates and pans. Plus, soft water requires less detergent, saving you money. Even if you use a dishwasher, a water softener reduces the need for extra detergent. Studies show that you need only 30 percent as much detergent to clean dishes when you wash them in a dishwasher with soft water compared to hard water.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Home with Soft Water

No one likes spending hours scrubbing soap scum from the tub, but that is what can happen in homes with a hard water supply. Hard water reacts with shampoo and soap to form a scum that sticks to the sides of the bathtub (and to your skin). When you install a water softener, you will notice your bathroom fixtures looking cleaner even when you clean them less often. You will also notice that you don’t have to use as many cleaning products to get the surfaces in your home sparkling clean. This is because soft water reacts with cleaning products to form a good lather, which you can use to get all your home’s surfaces properly cleaned.

A Water Softener Takes the Strain Off Home Appliances

The minerals in hard water can take years off the lifespan of common household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. With a water softener, it’s possible that your dishwasher will last 10 years, but homes with hard water can anticipate a lifespan of seven years, on average. Water heaters will experience increased maintenance to the heating element and decreased efficiency can be expected if you home has hard water.

If you are tired of spending money on replacing appliances, buying cleaning products, and paying high energy bills, consider installing a water softener. They don’t cost much to run and can save you money in more ways than one over the long term.

Learn more about ways you can save money with a water softener in our video about soft water savings. 

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