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Water Softener Installation | Do-it-Yourself or Get a Professional?

Water Softener Installation | Do-it-Yourself or Get a Professional?

Minerals in hard water can cause problems in your home’s plumbing, your dishwasher and washing machine, your clothing, as well as your skin and hair. Fortunately, water softeners can alleviate those issues (and more). However, installing a water softener in your home isn’t as simple as plugging in a new toaster.

Once you’ve identified the need for a water softener, the next step is to determine exactly what your home requires. After all, you want this investment to work properly for you and your family. So, how difficult can it be to research water softeners, buy one, and install it? Well, before you start, consider these five insights that shed light on how valuable a professional water treatment dealer can be and why you should consider calling your local dealer today.

1. A Professional Water Treatment Dealer Has Specialized Knowledge

Every profession requires specific insight and ability in order to do that job properly. Doctors, pilots, accountants…they’re called “professionals” because they have the right education, training, knowledge, and expertise to deliver specialized services.

Water treatment professionals are no different. They expertly match a solution to a home’s need. To do this, they must first understand the physical properties of water, various related equipment, flow-rate requirements; the principles of plumbing, potential permits needed, and water treatment products, including their capabilities and warranties. Only then can they make a proper recommendation based on their knowledge, experience, and training.

Also, consider that these pros are connected to, and have the backing of, industry training and multiple associations (see #5 below), which keep them on the cutting edge of techniques and innovations.

2. Big Box Stores Are Not Water Equipment Experts … Dealers Are…

We truly admire the DIY spirit. “You can do it. We can help.”  Well, doing it you really apply to tasks within most people’s ability to properly complete them. So, even after doing online research and getting guidance from a retail store associate, you still may come up short for some projects.

Selecting and installing a water softener is more complex than it might sound. And because of its importance (“water is life” after all), this is not a task you want to take lightly. Without the insight of a water professional, how will you really know it’s the right softener and installed correctly? Also consider that, at some point, your water softener will need maintenance and possibly replacement parts, which you’ll likely have trouble finding at a big box store. That could mean you’ll need to buy a whole new system.

Not only are a professional water dealer factory-trained and highly educated, he/she will educate you, too, on the investment you’re making to improve your water.

3. A Dealer Tests Your Water

home water testWater sounds simple: it’s just H2O, right? Yet, so many other things can be in your water: calcium and magnesium (hardness); other minerals and metals; bacteria, nitrates, and arsenic; and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The tricky part is that you may not even know you have a contamination problem without having your water tested.

Water dealers not only test water in your home for hardness, iron concentration, pH, nitrates, total dissolved solids, etc., they often get those tests confirmed by one of the country’s most extensive and certified laboratory services: Clean Water Testing LLC. This state-certified, independent water lab offers numerous levels of testing, depending on the need.

In the end, you’ll know what’s in (or not in) your water and how it should be treated. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind that you and your family are getting quality water.

4. For a Dealer, Installation And Maintenance Are Second Nature

A water softening system is technical and requires proper installation. Where the unit should be placed? Are there power outlets nearby? Is the drain in the home adequate? Where does the drain go? Do I have an approved drain / air gap and drain assembly? How high can the drain be? How far can the drain line run?  These are simple questions that even the best qualified dealers challenge themselves with every day.

The simple fact is you can’t compete with the skills of a master plumber or certified installer, which most dealers are. Not only do professional water treatment dealers know the physical specifications of the system, they’re licensed, bonded, and insured upfront (so no surprises later), and they’re aware of state permit requirements. This is just the beginning…do you know what it takes to properly start-up a water softener?  Have you considered the general maintenance required?  These are still mechanical devices, which inevitably, will break.  A professional Dealer is trained to identify potential long-term issues which may deter performance over the life of your new system.  This piece of mind is priceless…

Using a professional water treatment dealer likely carries a higher price tag, but this is one investment that’s well worth it. Consider this: you get a high-quality product, expert installation, friendly guidance, follow-up service, and warranty support. Think of the entire process as buying integrity.

Have you considered hiring a licensed contractor to install a unit purchased at a big box store? Well, add the labor costs and installation materials on top of the equipment costs, and surprisingly, you are very easily compared to that of what a professional dealer would charge.  Plus, who will service the unit when there’s a problem? and who will supply the service parts?  This can become a hassle and huge expense?

5. Ongoing Training Is Vital

water-right water school

Your professional water treatment dealer receives continuing education through an exclusive “Water School” presented by Water-Right. This collaborative, professional training ranges from water fundamentals to the most advanced treatment techniques.  Not only are the latest products and systems explored, but also technical support and customer service.

Professional water treatment dealers not only go through extensive training, they’re connected to industry associations with endless resources and advice. For instance, the Water Quality Association (WQA) is an international trade organization with a research foundation, product quality assurance program, and numerous professional certifications: water specialist, licensed installer, service technician, treatment representative, master water specialist, etc.

Worry-Free Soft Water Is A Simple Click Away

You’re unlikely to buy and install an HVAC system on your own, so why do that with a new water treatment system? After you consider all the potential pitfalls of this important purchase, know that a Water-Right dealer offers the highest level of professional expertise and adhere to a strict code of ethics and customer care.

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