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A Powerful Water Treatment Media Made for Homeowners with Well Water

A Powerful Water Treatment Media Made for Homeowners with Well Water

There are some nice benefits for homeowners who live outside of the city. A home in the country comes with more fresh air, more privacy, a connection to nature, and peace and quiet. Country living can also come with water quality problems.

Many families in rural areas of America get water from a private well. If you’re one of them, that means you’re accessing groundwater in the aquifer and pumping it into your home. The quality of your water varies greatly depending on where you live. Check out our Regional Water Roadmap infographic to find out more about your state.

But, water quality isn’t just a regional issue either. For homeowners with wells, the makeup of the water could be quite different from the neighbors’ water down the road. The bedrock around your well may be different or the water traveled through a different path to get to your well. Because water erodes everything it touches, groundwater quality is constantly changing over time due to its environment.

Common water problems many homeowners experience with well water are high levels of hardness, iron contamination, sulfur, high acidic levels, and other naturally occurring elements like arsenic and nitrates. Often times you’re not just dealing with one of these issues, but multiple (or even all) of them at the same time.

Because treating residential well water is complicated, you’ll need to rely on a local expert to help diagnose your water problems and recommend ways to fix them. However, it’s important to know that there are some very unique solutions for well water.

For example, our Water-Right, Evolve, and WaterCare professionals are able to provide homeowners with a special filtration media that is ideal for many homes with wells.

It’s a man-made zeolite known as Crystal-RightTM, and its ability to address multiple common concerns with well water at the same time makes it seem almost miraculous.

What is Crystal-Right and What Does it Do?

zeolite from Crystal-Right

Crystal-Right was actually the first ion exchange media to be used in modern water treatment, but as more people moved into urban areas,  the focus shifted to treating city water because it was easier.

At Water-Right – we’ve never shied away from a challenge. The water problems that come with well water can be a struggle, but we believe that the right product can solve even the worst water issues. That’s why we purchased the rights to produce Crystal-Right decades ago.

This synthetic zeolite is produced outdoors in very specific conditions underneath sunny skies at our Mineral-Right® facility in Kansas. It’s the perfect water treatment media for well water for three important reasons.

Crystal-Right has the ability to:

  1. Remove iron and manganese from well water
  2. Soften water (reducing the hardness minerals calcium and magnesium)
  3. Balance/neutralize pH levels of acidic water

If you’ve been living with well water for a while, problems such as rusty orange stains from high iron, scale build in your kitchen and bathroom, and corrosion from acidic, low pH water are likely familiar to you.

In some situations, a home may need three different pieces of water treatment equipment to address each of those issues: A water softener to reduce hardness, an iron filter, and an acid neutralizer. But, under the right circumstances, Crystal-Right has the potential to fix all three of those problems, doing the job of three water treatment solutions in a single system!

That’s because the zeolite is uniquely engineered for well water. But, it doesn’t end there.

Crystal-Right is also able to withstand a deep cleaning, making it a perfect pairing with Water-Right’s patented chlorine generator, which is used to sanitize water treatment systems during the backwash cycle of regeneration. The media’s durability means chlorine won’t cause it to break down, so your system lasts longer than a conventional water softener.

Watch the video below to find out more about why Crystal-Right could be the perfect solution to achieving the water quality you deserve. Then, visit the websites of our trusted brands to find a local dealer near you who can evaluate your home’s water and make a recommendation.

 Crystal-Right isn’t the only unique water treatment media Water-Right uses to address well water needs. We’re also the distributor of Turbidex™ media. Find out how Turbidex can reduce turbidity issues for cleaner well water.

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