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Smart Water Softener Technology to Make Your Home More Efficient

Smart Water Softener Technology to Make Your Home More Efficient

Efficiency is a big deal in the modern home. There are high-efficiency dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, and washing machines. They use less energy, making them better for the environment and easier on your utility bills.

Water treatment technology has improved in recent years as well, providing homeowners with high-efficiency water softeners that conserve energy while reducing water and salt waste. However, not all the features of these systems offer the same benefits.

Only Water-Right’s dedicated network of Evolve and WaterCare dealers is able to offer a unique solution, which we call Water Efficient Technology, or W.E.T. for short.

Efficient Water Softener Technology

Older water softeners are inefficient because they use too much water and salt during the cleaning and regeneration cycles. But, even today’s average high-efficiency softeners aren’t as effective as the smart technology found in the patented electronics behind W.E.T.

What makes W.E.T. different than other high-efficiency water softening systems is that it monitors how much water has been treated by the system and automatically adjusts its salt and rinse cycles to only use as much as your softener needs at that time.

wet technology

Research shows water softeners equipped with W.E.T. produce 18 percent more salt and water savings than other high-efficiency systems. Compared to standard water softener settings, homeowners can save as much as 50 percent!

That means W.E.T. could help you save hundreds of gallons of water and hundreds of pounds of salt every year. You’ll know it’s working, too. W.E.T. shows you exactly how much water and salt you’re saving over time, so you’ll see the difference your system is making to your pocketbook and the environment.

There are some undeniably good reasons to get a water softener that takes advantage of our Water Efficient Technology:

  1. You’ll update your home with smart, high-efficiency technology
  2. You’ll save money on water bills and softener salts because you’re using less
  3. You’ll be protecting the planet and using the precious resource of water more responsibly

Whether you’re environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, or just appreciate innovation, W.E.T. is a water treatment breakthrough that belongs in your home.

Find out more in the video below, or check out our W.E.T. infographic to get the details. You can learn more about the select models featuring W.E.T. and how it operates when you visit our Evolve and WaterCare websites. 

Ready to get a more efficient water softener in your home? Contact one of our local residential water treatment experts today.

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