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well water in a homes yard

How Does a Well Work?

Fortunately, today’s well systems work a bit differently than in the past. Well owners no longer have to lower a bucket into a hole in the ground and transport buckets full of water to where they need it. Modern plumbing … Read More >

Water softener FAQ videos

Water Softener System FAQ Videos

Jul 27, 2017 | Water Softeners

WaterCare®, Evolve®, and Water-Right® We want our customers to get the most out of the water treatment and filtration systems they purchase through our family of brands including all Water-Right®, WaterCare®, and Evolve® products. After installation, there are several things … Read More >

how to read a water quality report

How to Read Your Water Quality Report

Mar 24, 2017 | Water & Home Living

If your home’s water supply comes from municipal water, you may be used to seeing an annual drinking water quality report included with your water bill, but what exactly does this information tell you? The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), also … Read More >

UV light for water treatment

How Does a UV System Purify Water?

Jul 14, 2016 | UV Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) light has a wide variety of uses, but how can it help give your home cleaner water? You’ve likely heard of UV rays from the sun. Those rays can be beneficial, helping your body create vitamin D, or … Read More >