Hard Water: Effects on You

Hard Water Effects on Skin & Hair

Hard Water Affects the Way You Look!

Dissolved minerals in hard water can affect the way you look.

No suds in your bubble bath?

Got frizzy hair and itchy skin?

Noticing a few extra wrinkles?

The minerals in hard water could be the culprit.

When dissolved minerals combine with soap, it creates soap scum, which is tough to wash away from your body.

In fact, that so-called “squeaky clean” feeling on your skin after showering is ACTUALLY caused by sticky soap scum … which dries out skin and hair while clogging pores and causing pimples.

But, with soft water, soap lathers well and rinses away, leaving you feeling silky smooth and clean.

Think hard water is messing with your look? Contact your local water treatment expert today.

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