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4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Home’s Water Treatment Equipment

4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Home’s Water Treatment Equipment

It’s easy to forget about the water softener in your home. Most of the time, it’s quietly doing its job, and you don’t think twice about the fact you’re enjoying the benefits of soft water.

But, how do you know if your home’s water treatment equipment is working efficiently and effectively? Even though a typical water softener may last around a decade or more before it absolutely needs to be replaced, should you really wait that long?

People usually don’t wait for their car to break down on the side of the freeway before they purchase a new vehicle. And, the majority of us don’t keep our smartphones much longer than a couple of years. That’s because we want to take advantage of new technology, enhanced features, and advancements that make the things we own more efficient and sustainable.

The same can be said of water softeners and other types of in-home water treatment solutions. Here are four reasons why you may want to look at your options for upgrading the ways you improve the water in your home.

1.  Save Water and Salt with a High Efficiency Water Softener

Visit any appliance store and most of the products will tout high efficiency, meaning they use less water and energy to get the job done. High efficiency appliances require highly efficient water, which is why water softeners have become a necessity for many homes. Water-using appliances run better and last longer with soft water.wet technology

Water softeners themselves can be more efficient, too, and if your system hasn’t been updated in several years, you could be saving money and protecting the planet by reducing waste.

Water-Right’s Evolve® and WaterCare® systems can be equipped with what we call W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology). This water treatment innovation goes beyond the benefits of typical high efficiency water softeners. With W.E.T., the softener learns your household’s water usage and adjusts cycle times, which means only the amount of salt and water necessary gets used in regeneration.

The point is, with a water softener like that, you could lower your utility bills and make your home more sustainable. Find out more when you check out our W.E.T. infographic or watch more in this video.

2. Get a Water Softener with Wireless Notifications

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), means more of the appliances in your home are connected to the cloud. Water softeners are included in the exciting trend of smart appliances!

Water-Right’s Wripli™ technology wirelessly relays information from select Evolve® and WaterCare® models to your mobile device and to the local water treatment expert who you rely on to service your system.wripli

The Wripli™ smartphone app for homeowners (also available on the iTunes app store) can be set to provide mobile alerts, letting you know when you need to refill water softener salt while providing system status and service reminders. You can even monitor how much water is running through your home in real-time, or turn on “Vacation Mode” from anywhere.

With Wripli™, you’ll be much less likely to forget about your water softener. Instead, it becomes a smart appliance, giving you valuable insights and customizable control.

3. Stay Ahead of Changes in Water Quality

For people living in rural areas, where groundwater is pumped from a private well, it’s important to understand that the quality of your water will change over time.

The water treatment solution installed several years ago may not be the right setup for what’s in your water today. That’s one reason why you need to have well water tested on a yearly basis.

A water softener is meant to remove hard minerals, specifically, calcium and magnesium. However, there are other elements and contaminants dissolved in groundwater, which may require additional filtration or the application of specialized water treatment media.

For example, high iron can be a common water problem in rural homes, causing unsightly staining and a metallic taste. Sulfur in your water may cause an unpleasant rotten egg smell. Both issues often require additional treatment beyond a basic water softener to improve the water’s quality.

Some people take the DIY approach to installing water treatment. That could be a mistake, because residential water treatment involves more than hooking up water lines. Every home’s water quality is different and customized solutions are needed for the desired results.

crystal right media

The experts from Water-Right’s Evolve® and WaterCare® dealerships can evaluate your home’s water quality and help you find the right solutions for problem water. Our dealers also have access to effective medias, including Turbidex™ and our exclusive Crystal-Right™ zeolite, which is ideal for well water applications.

4. Address Emerging Contamination Concerns

While not much about municipal water quality has changed over the years, people are starting to open their eyes to the ways in-home treatment can solve problems and give families peace of mind.

There’s growing awareness surrounding the importance of water quality. Thanks to big news stories, such as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, people like you are asking important questions regarding the water in their homes.

That may include concerns about the presence of lead in drinking water due to aging infrastructure in many cities. Or, it could be the existence of pharmaceuticals in water. Some homeowners would prefer to avoid fluoride in drinking water. The use of chloramines as a disinfectant in municipal water is another topic of discussion. People using well water may have concerns about contamination from agricultural runoff.

A local water treatment expert, such as an Evolve® or WaterCare® dealer, can talk about these issues with you and point you towards solutions that ease your concerns.

In many cases, a reverse osmosis drinking water system will remove or reduce the majority of potentially harmful contaminants. Some homeowners take additional safety precautions and have whole home systems installed, including those specifically designed to address lead contamination.

Does Your Water Treatment Need an Upgrade?

Maybe you’re uncertain how old your water softener is or whether it’s doing an effective job. If you recently moved into a new home, you may want to learn more about what your water quality and how it could be improved.

Or, perhaps you’re simply ready to take advantage of the latest and greatest advancements in residential water treatment. Water-Right and our family of brands are here to help.

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