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What is Crystal-Right™ and How Does it Affect Water?

What is Crystal-Right™ and How Does it Affect Water?

The word “crystal” probably stirs up some mystical images in your mind … like a fortune teller’s crystal ball or glowing crystals with mysterious powers. 

Crystal-Right™ is a uniquely powerful media used in water treatment and other industries. It can do things that certainly seem magical, but there is solid science behind these crystals.

Crystal-Right is a man-made zeolite and one of the world’s most effective water treatment medias. It can solve multiple water problems with one piece of equipment.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a term used to describe a group of minerals composed of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen that contain many tiny pores. These pores allow zeolites to extract things like iron, manganese, calcium, and magnesium from water and other substances.

Zeolites occur naturally in many forms, such as volcanic rock. However, Crystal-Right is technically a synthetic zeolite, and it’s actually much better for water treatment than naturally-formed zeolite.

This is because natural zeolite can become easily contaminated by other elements, which makes it unable to be used in commercial applications. However, manufactured zeolite can be produced to be pure and customized for specific purposes.

Water-Right’s sister company, Mineral-Right®, creates Crystal-Right at a special facility in Kansas where fields of zeolite bake in the sun and the purity can be monitored and controlled.

Zeolite played an important role in the history of modern water treatment. Synthetic zeolite was first developed for water softening in the early 1900s. For decades, it was the only media used in water treatment.

Following World War II, polystyrene resin became a common media for water softeners because it was considered ideal for treating city water. Eventually, the company making and selling zeolite for water treatment announced it was halting all operations.

That’s when Water-Right stepped in, purchased the rights to produce zeolite, and opened the Mineral-Right facility in 1986. Today, we are the world’s only producer of custom-engineered zeolite for water treatment, and we export it around the world!

Water-Right founder, Glenn Gruett, examines zeolite quality at Mineral-Right.

Why Crystal-Right™ is the Ultimate Water Treatment Media

There’s a reason we made a major investment in the production of man-made zeolite. It is easily the best media to use when treating problem well water.

That’s because water treatment equipment using Crystal-Right can do the job of multiple units all on its own.

Crystal-Right™ has the ability to:

  • Filter out iron and manganese.
  • Soften the water (remove calcium and magnesium).
  • Neutralize the pH levels of water.
  • Be cleaned with chlorine during the backwash cycle.

It’s best to think of Crystal-Right units as manganese and iron filters that also have the ability to soften water. On its own, a water softener only reduces a small amount of iron and manganese, which is why additional filtration equipment is often necessary.

In some parts of the country, the water is acidic and aggressive. This is a problem because acidic water will eat away and corrode copper plumbing. Fortunately, Crystal-Right media also has the ability to neutralize water and balance pH levels.

That means, when applied correctly, equipment containing Crystal-Right can work as an iron filter, a softener, and an acid neutralizer. Instead of having three pieces of equipment, you can do it with one!

Some homeowners with problem water think this seems too good to be true, but it’s not. That’s the magic of Crystal-Right.

Find Out More When You Check Out These Solutions:

Crystal-Right™ and City Water Treatment

We’re always exploring new ways to make water right for life, and Crystal-Right provides us with many opportunities to do just that.

For example, an emerging concern with municipal water is how to remove ammonia.

Many municipalities are now using chloramines as a disinfectant at water treatment plants. Chloramines are chemical compounds containing chlorine and ammonia. While carbon filters can remove chlorine, ammonia passes through. But, custom-engineered Crystal-Right has the ability to filter out ammonia.

In the near future, city residents will be able to use systems with a combination of carbon filtration and Crystal-Right media to remove both chlorine and ammonia.

What Else Can Crystal-Right™ Do?

We are very excited about the potential for Crystal-Right to solve problems in other industries through innovative applications, which we continue to develop and research.

Forms of Crystal-Right are already being used in the airline industry to desalinate sea water and provide a drinking supply in emergency situations. It can be used to remove contaminants from the air and reduce annoying odors. There are even clinical trials underway testing ways in which custom-engineered zeolite could promote human health by detoxifying the body.

Learn more about other industry applications for Crystal-Right when you visit

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