Common Hard Water Problems in Your Home

Top Five Signs You Have Hard Water In Your Home

Do you know nearly 90 percent of US homes have hard water?

Whether you have a well or city water, dissolved minerals in hard water will wreak havoc in your home. Here are the top five signs you’ve got problems.

1. Soap Scum

Dissolved minerals and soap combine to leave a nasty film on surfaces, dishes, and fabrics, making housekeeping even more of a chore.

2. No Suds

Hard water makes it difficult to get a good lather while soap won’t rinse away. Without a good soap lather, hard can take a toll on your skin and hair too. Read more about how hard water can affect the way you look.

3. Dingy Laundry

Soap scum sticks to fabric, too, making sheets and towels stiff and scratchy while fading colors and irritating skin.

4. Clogged Pipes

With hard water, mineral deposits build up in your plumbing like plaque in an artery.

5. Appliance Issues

That same buildup creates problems with dishwashers and water heaters, reducing their efficiency and decreasing their lifespan. Appliances can be expensive, but a water softener could help and save you money.

Hard water makes life harder. But you can change that with a water softener.

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