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The Extractor Tool – Make Your Service Life Easier

Apr 21, 2017


By Kirk Guthrie
Water-Right Technical Service Manager

We have all come to know that the Evolve and WaterCare valves are the work horse of the industry. These products have shown us through the years a long life and reliable service in the field.

Typically the stack assembly has always been an easy pull out and push in when working on the units. However with the growing popularity of the “air draw” iron filters, these units have been installed on some really nasty water!

Kirk Guthrie, Technical Service Manager

When servicing the units in the field, there have been times when the stack assembly has become so fouled with iron that the stack literally becomes stuck in the valve body.

This makes it very difficult to remove the stack. In fact, there have been times when the stack itself breaks into multiple pieces when trying to remove it.

 Introducing, the stack assembly extracting tool. This latest tool will make your service life easier  when added to your tool box. This tool will easily insert into the stack assembly and  as you push down on the handle, the tool expands to evenly grab the stack assembly — making the removal that much easier. No more breaking fouled stack assemblies.

This tool is available through Water-Right. The part number is CV3022 and the list price is $32.44, a small price to pay for tools that make your service calls more efficient. If you have any questions on availability or operation of the extracting tool, please contact Technical Support at 800-777-1426.

Line Drawing of Stack Assembly