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Meet the CCWG’s New Dealer Advisory Council Members

Jul 18, 2017

The Clear Choice Water Group’s Dealer Advisory Council (DAC) is a way for Water-Right to keep an open line of communication with our dealers around the country. Members are chosen to serve a two-year term on the council.

We recently had three member reach the end of their term. We want to express our sincere appreciation to Brad Haskin, Jim Simonar, and Dan Wandel for their service to the CCWG.

L-R: Brad Haskin, Jim Simonar, and Dan Wandel

They’re semi-annual visits will be missed, but we have three new dealers that will be joining us in their place: Dave Copp of All Florida Soft Water, Phil Rhodes of Futuramic’s Clean Water Center, and Donovan Sippel from Sippel Well Drilling.

We spoke with each of them to find out their stories and what they hope to accomplish over the next couple of years.


Dave Copp – All Florida Soft Water

Dave Copp, All Florida Soft Water

Dave’s father owned a Culligan dealership in Michigan when he was young and continued in the industry after moving to Florida. So, Dave’s always been part of the water treatment business. He officially started his career in 1984.

Dave has held a variety of jobs for different manufacturers and dealerships over the years. Then, in 2014 he took over his father’s WaterCare dealership. Dave is now CEO of All Florida Soft Water in St Augustine.

Dave plans to use his role on the DAC to be a problem-solver and a voice for CCWG dealers.

“I look forward to helping my fellow dealers by being the guy to take problems, solutions, ideas, and positive feedback to the management team of Water-Right,” he says.

Dave adds that he wants to help grow the Evolve and WaterCare brands across the country. That includes “making the brand more accessible across the internet and to Millennials.”


Phil Rhodes – Futuramic’s Clean Water Center

Phil Rhodes, Futuramic’s Clean Water Center

Phil’s family was also in the water treatment business. However, he took a bit of a detour earlier in life and spent a few years managing a restaurant before returning to the family business in 1988. 

“Before that, I would spend time breaking down controls and playing with the old Lindsay dial-a-matic timers in Dad’s shop,” Phil recalls. He also delivered water softener salt during high school and college.

Futuramic’s Clean Water Center has been serving the people of Omaha, Nebraska, since 1969. Now, Phil will also be serving the CCWG as a committee member.

“Water-Right has been a great partner as well as supplier over the years,” he says. “I look forward to the opportunity to give back and help the professional dealer program continue to grow and improve.”


Donovan Sippel – Sippel Well Drilling, Inc.

Donovan Sippel, Sippel Well Drilling, Inc.

Donovan says he was born into the water industry. His parents launched a well drilling company in 1988, and he started working there at the age of 15.

“I decided that continuing the family business was what I wanted to do as a career,” Donovan explains. “In order to grow our business, I started learning about water treatment. I submerged myself in books, became master certified with WQA, and became a licensed water treatment installer with the State of Oregon.”

Donovan says he’s had some influential mentors over the last 25 years. That includes support from the Water-Right team through educational opportunities that helped him expand his knowledge of water treatment and filtration.

“I continue to learn every day, and this ongoing challenge is what I’m truly passionate about,” he says.

Because Sippel Well Drilling is a smaller operation in Oregon, Donovan says he can bring a unique perspective to the DAC.

“I am looking forward to offering my feedback from a small WaterCare dealer’s perspective, and also representing the West Coast where the majority of our market is problem water only,” he says. “I am most excited to get to know other dealers, learn and listen to their concerns as the Clear Choice Water Group continues to grow and evolve.”


Your DAC Representative

The CCWG Dealer Advisory Council is just one more resource we provide for the dealer network. The DAC representatives are there for you to give your feedback, generate ideas, or answer questions. The other three dealers that are currently fulfilling their term are: Rob Lewis, Nick Koz, and Matt Griffin. If you have any questions about who your DAC representative is or how to get in touch with them, plus contact the CCWG Field Manager, Erik Koglin.