Splash Digest

The CCWG Dealer Recognition Program | Top Guns & Top Performers

Nov 01, 2017

Water-Right believes in rewarding Evolve and WaterCare dealers that are at the top of their game. Every year, our Dealer Recognition Program provides some motivation and a little friendly competition, too.

Of course, we realize each dealership is unique and some of you operate in larger markets than others. That’s why we break the Dealer Recognition Program down into small, medium, and large markets based on the number of single-owner households in your territory.

If you’re not familiar with our annual Top Gun and Top Performer awards, here’s how they work:

The Top Performer Award

This program recognizes dealers who’ve successfully grown their business over the year, as indicated by how frequently they’re buying and installing equipment. A select group is given the Top Performer Award based on total WaterCare or Evolve branded products purchased from the factory in comparison to the previous year.

To be eligible, your dealership must have a minimum of $30,000 in purchases in the prior year, plus a full year in the CCWG dealer program. The top three dealers in each market with the greatest percentage of growth are recognized as “Top Performers.”

We present each of the winners with an award of $250 and a decorative plaque!

The Top Gun Award

In addition to growth, we also recognize dealers with the highest dollar amount of purchases from Water-Right. These are our “Top Guns.”

The Top Gun Award goes to the top three dealers in each of the three market sizes. First place winners receive a check for $1,000, second place in each market gets $500, and third place gets $250. All Top Gun Award winners also are presented with a plaque commemorating their success.

Remember, the best way to win and be recognized is to boost your dealership’s sales. Make the most of the rest of 2017 and start spreading the word in your area about the value of in-home water treatment solutions! We’ll be announcing the winners in early 2018 and publishing results in the next edition of Splash Digest.

Learn more about the Dealer Recognition Program and review the official rules and guidelines when you visit the Evolve or WaterCare dealer login and download the flyer. Plus, find out about how we reward individual dealership sales reps with our Sales Recognition Program.