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CCWG Creativity – Q2 Co-op Contest Standouts

Jul 18, 2017

Congratulations to All Florida Soft Water for being chosen as the winner of our Q2 Co-op Contest. They will receive a $500 credit towards co-op funds to use in the second half of 2017.

Dave Copp’s submission was chosen for it’s overall design as well as his use of the WaterCare materials. A clear brand, product images, as well as featuring W.E.T. are all elements we certainly like to see. The coupon offers were a great way to see a return on the advertising investment. Here’s a closer look at All Florida Soft Water’s winning advertisement.

Q2 Co-op Contest Winner

There were quite a few creative submissions to the contest, and we wanted to highlight some honorable mentions.

We were impressed with the ways Michigan dealership, Wandels’ WaterCare, leveraged the brand across its advertising. Wandels’ also brands its advertising with graphics supporting our exclusive Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) and uses common customer pain points to grab attention.

Best Use of Branding

Home shows are an excellent opportunity to showcase what your dealership can do for homeowners in your area. We loved the way Quality Life Solutions of South Carolina created eye-catching booth displays incorporating a variety of products and branding.

Check out the setup below …

Best Home Show Display

Finally, we have to point out the creative placement that New Jersey dealership, Kel Tren WaterCare, came up with. Where better than the beach to grab the attention of people who have nothing else to gaze at but the water?

Kel Tren kept the message straightforward and simple. But, they also made it easy to remember how to contact them, and they designed an experience that would get people talking about their ad.

Now that’s how you make some waves!

Most-Creative Ad Placement